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Smooth goods flow leads to better performance

Marnix Voet, Thomas Van Landeghem, Tim Govaert, Hendrik Van Landeghem

Vlotte goederendoorstroming leidt tot betere prestaties (Smooth goods flow leads to better performance)

Dutch | Ring band | 2012

Nowadays, organisation of the goods flow is becoming increasingly important in determining the competitive advantage. A rapid and smooth goods flow with no barriers in production and logistics are now the most challenging professional fields.

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The Factory of the Future… now!

Hendrik Van Landeghem, Tim Govaert, Thomas Van Landeghem, Frank Van den Broecke, Karel Bauters, Paul Busschaert

De Fabriek van de Toekomst… nu! (2e editie) (The Factory of the Future… Today!)

Dutch | Paperback | 2014

The book ‘De Fabriek van de Toekomst… nu!’ mostly deals with the first and hardest phase of the road to innovation: the ME phase.

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