Smooth goods flow leads to better performance

Customers are becoming more and more demanding: new products, a competitive price, high quality, fast delivery, flexible service… But more flexibility often also means higher costs. Nowadays, organisation of the goods flow is becoming increasingly important in determining the competitive advantage. A rapid and smooth goods flow with no barriers in production and logistics are now the most challenging professional fields.

This book: ‘Vlotte goederendoorstroming leidt tot betere prestaties – Praktijkgids voor de innovatieve kmo’ (Smooth goods flow leads to better performance – practical guide for the innovative SME” – In Dutch) provides practical techniques that are directly applicable to realistic problems or opportunities in the factory. This unique, Dutch reference work provides insight in the most recent principles for proper organisation of the production process, logistics and goods flow. Furthermore, it encourages the introduction and execution of improvement actions.

Countless companies that put the techniques from this book into practice testify that measurable results have been achieved with the targeted use of limited means in the short term. Because of this practical guide, you will:

  • Be informed of the most recent principles that are important for proper organisation of the goods flow.
  • Be encouraged to visualise and critically analyse the chosen problem.
  • Be provided with new insight to redesign an optimised business model.
  • Know which practical techniques will best be utilised.
  • Be able to undertake targeted improvement activities.
  • Be able to show demonstration projects for the approach to stock, lead time and capacity.
  • Know how to further develop and shape the goods flow.
Bestelformulier 'Vlotte goederendoorstroming leidt tot betere prestaties'
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