Veltion Cluster

With a bit of creativity (combine differing dictionary terms, Wikipedia, etc.) you can define a cluster as follows: a group of associated persons whom are active in the same ‘market’ and kept together by their mutual gravity.

This is exactly what we want to achieve with the Veltion Cluster: bringing active improvers together in the workspace on a monthly basis, so they can learn from each other’s improvement experiences.

A network for improvement coaches

This is exactly what we want to organise with Veltion: a cluster for improvement coaches who see each other once per month on the Gemba (workspace) and are continually (electronically) connected to check questions, ideas, problems, etc. with one another. The physical sessions provide ideas, inspiration, a new boost, solutions,… In other words, everything required to get started with the newly improved knowledge. We learn from each other’s cases, both the success stories and the more problematic cases.


  • Launch from September
  • Participants are divided in clusters of 10 people
    • Participants from the same company are put in a different cluster
    • Competing companies are divided in different clusters
  • 10 physical meetings (company visits), each from 16h-19h
    • Monthly (not in July / August)
    • Facilitated by an improvement expert from Veltion
    • Every participant organises one visit to their Gemba regarding a success story, obstacle, etc. in other words, a case he would like to discuss with the cluster!
  • Price: €750 / participant
    • Up to 40% (max. €300) subsidised by the KMO-Portefeuille

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