About us

Veltion comes from the ancient Greek and means ‘better compared to before’. A goal we work towards every day. Ultimate goal? Not one-shot deals, but continuous improvement. Because we believe in a sustainable economy. Today, there are about 600.000 SMEs in Flanders. They are the true hard workers. They make the difference. This is why we commit ourselves specifically to them. Together, we work towards the same goal: to be a stronger company tomorrow then we are today.

Mission & vision

Veltion improves the performance of Flemish SMEs by, with their help, seeing which business processes could be continuously improved by applying lean management concepts.

  • We are the inspirer, coach and sparring partner for Flemish SMEs
  • We provide independent advice for productivity improvement
  • WWe help with the implementation and follow-up of improvement processes
  • We let people take centre stage in our operation
  • We put SMEs in contact with one another
  • We work with a dynamic, principled team
  • We support our approach with results

Spin-off Ghent University

After the impressive results of 1.5 years of European research, Veltion was established as a spin-off of Ghent University. The goal of the “European Regions for Innovative Productivity’ project was to increase the capacity for innovation of SMEs in the North Sea region. In total, about 25 SMEs took part in the project, of which 5 come from Flanders. The improvement processes of these Flemish companies can be found in our references.


Anouk Floren

Trainer | Coach | Sales

After an instructive period as Technical Manager in the horticulture industry, Anouk found a new passion in Lean. As a coach, she is involved and enthusiastic. She is creative, solution-oriented, and gets energy from taking a team and looking for initiatives with sustainable results. When she is not working, she enjoys looking for balance in the yoga and Pilates studio.

Arne Bracke

Partner | Trainer | Coach

Arne enjoys his professional life as a former IT consultant who has now converted to Lean. With great engagement and enthusiasm, he succeeds in motivating and stimulating people again and again. By providing concrete tools to cooperate even more effectively, he achieves useful results with teams. Outside the workplace, a challenge on the volleyball field is never far off.

Bart De Clercq

Trainer | Coach

As a production engineer for a Japanese automotive company, Bart was responsible for production improvement and implementation of TPS/Lean for the Tier 2 suppliers. It is no surprise that he is imbued with the Japanese kaizen mindset. Furthermore, he is hands-on, continually strives for excellent results, and tries to get everyone on board for the Lean story. In his free time, he tries to make time for snowboarding, basketball, trekking and deep-sea diving.

Hendrik Van Landeghem


After a career in industry, Hendrik was full-time professor of Operational Excellence in the Faculty of Engineering (UGent) for 25 years. He has deep expertise in the interaction between the operational shop floor and the logistics control systems (ERP, MES, Kanban, POLCA, …). He divides his free time between jogging and activities on and around the water.

Jason Ashton

Partner | Trainer | Coach

At the start of his career, Jason was already focused on Lean improvement of processes and complete value chains. ‘Working together towards better performance’ is always his slogan. An intermediate sidestep from consultancy to AB-InBev brought him practical and operational knowledge and insights into various domains. In addition, he is proud of his 2 young sons and he tries to find some time to do sports.

Lara Alboort

Trainer | Coach

As production planner, Lara gained the necessary experience to get started with the many improvements that are often possible in a production environment. As Lean coach, Lara enjoys putting improvement ideas into action with the help of the people on the shop floor. She also works on the continuous improvement of her squash and dancing.

Sarah Vanderlinden

Trainer | Coach

As a coach in the retail sector, Sarah grew her interest in Lean and in coaching people and teams. With her infectious enthusiasm, she especially wants to work together towards a better and sustainable result. In her free time, Sarah is especially enthusiastic about her son, music and winning a game of badminton.

Sytske D’haeseleir

Trainer | Coach

As a company psychologist and with previous experiences as a product manager for Decathlon and as a recruitment consultant, Sytske tries to unite the best of these worlds in her projects as Lean Coach. Bitten by the Lean microbe, Sytske is an open-minded team player with a creative approach. Outside the working hours, Sytske alternates the judo with the rugby field with the aim of keeping the mind and body young.

Thomas Van Landeghem

Owner | Sales | Trainer | Coach

After inspiring work as an Industrial Engineer in Disneyland Resort Paris and Lean Researcher at Ghent University, the founding of Veltion was the next logical step for Thomas. Everything can be improved, is his motto, especially when you address the potential in the workplace according to the Lean philosophy and involve improvement efforts on a daily basis. In his free time, you could run into him on a Flemish football fields, or one of the other continents.

Wendy Desadeleer

Trainer | Coach

As project engineer at a large construction enterprise, Wendy had her workboots firmly planted in the mud. Bitten by the Lean bug, she changed course and wanted to inspire SMEs. Her mission? Continually challenge SMEs in construction to professionalise and to have construction partners cooperate sustainably. This takes a creativity that she also demonstrates outside work – Pinterest is her best friend. She is quite apt at boxing too.