Our approach

Our approach

Coaching your employees into passionate enhancers

There may be as many as a hundred processes in a business. There are several steps between order and payment. Veltion guides your employees to improve every step they take.

Focus on processes

We always look from the perspective of quality: what could be improved. Your company knows what it is good at. We have the process architecture to become even better. We quickly gain insight into the situation, which shortens the lead time. And the correct techniques ensure rusty processes are removed.

It is up to your employees

We do not come over and tell you and your colleagues how to work. Our coaching guides your company towards a new approach. Well-dosed guidance where you do most of the work. After which we make ourselves unnecessary.

It is our strength to get people to embrace change

Change. Always a little scary. We ensure that the new mentality gains a foothold in your company. Through our hands-on approach, your employees will experience the results of their work immediately. In our coaching, you may expect:

  • First things first: informing. We come to your company to explain what we will do. This way, everyone knows what is about to happen and we tackle part of the resistance.
  • After that, we dive into the process improvement per department, using the following three steps: Teach – practice – apply. First, we teach you the methodology. Then, you get to work to solve a problem from out of your own working environment. This gives you the experience you need and lets you experience the potential of an improved process. In the third step, we move to the application: actually using the methods in your daily job.
  • And that sends the ball rolling. Once the logistics department notices that the production department is achieving results, we make progress. At that moment, the focus shifts to maintaining the new approach in the organisation. To ensure the process improvement is durable and the same problems do not return.

Getting to work in the workplace, immediately

We address problems. Fast, small actions speed up the process, show results and light the fuse. To clarify, we do not do that from behind our desks, but in the workplace. (Then again, we are not your typical ‘shiny shoes’ consultants.)

We work with our own model

Our approach is what you would call “lean working”. A term that has seen miles of ink. But there is no book that tells you how to do it. This is why we walk the talk: during a European research project, we took the best from the lean theory and joined it with practical experience. Result: a mix of academic knowledge and practical expertise. Our method for sustainable productivity improvement is indeed unique in Belgium. And is supported by spectacular research results at several Flemish SMEs.

Long-term guidance

Veltion is a long-term partner. Our coaching consists of starting every phase, teaching specific techniques, and providing regular follow-up about progress. An external perspective turns out to be a crucial factor in ensuring the continuity of the lean working.

Tailored to your SME

Flexibility is our trademark. We decide what is necessary on a project-to-project basis. We are very flexible during our cooperation as well. Is there no-one internally to start the improvement process? Then you can engage one our coaches full-time, for one or several months. As soon as the successor has been selected, we teach them the tricks of the trade.

Staff with enthusiasm in the workplace

We do not just mail you a letter with advice. Our coaches teach your employees what they can do, step by step. So that the can see, experience and make the difference. To us, a successful project means a happier team in the workplace. Would you like to see some examples? Our references can be found here.

Our results

Veltion is specialised in coaching Flemish SMEs to work more productively. What does that translate to? Results. In a 1.5 year European research project, we blew the socks off the participating SMEs, as well as our own. And we keep doing that, every day since. These are a number of our results:

  • An average of 56% to a maximum of 95% decrease in lead time, with, for example, reducing a delivery period from 5 weeks to 24 hours
  • Up to €1.2 million reduced stock
  • 15% productivity improvement after 1 year, with EBITDA from 0% to 7% after 2 years
  • Delivery reliability from 27% to 79% after one year
  • 8% productivity gain overall year after year, 4 years in a row
  • First Time Right from 88% to 97%
  • A reduction of the changeover time by half

The implementation of an improvement process also has a large impact on the people themselves. Think of:

  • Less stress
  • Reduction in short-term absenteeism
  • Better general spirit amongst the employees
  • Better cooperation between different departments
  • Highlighting problems faster and finding solutions sooner
  • More self-management

Would you like to know more about how we do this? Read more about our approach. Or take a look at our references.

Average improvement percentages

What does your SME stand to gain by working lean? A tremendous amount.

You see that in the percentages. However, the time you free up for innovation instead of putting out fires is enormously valuable.

Lead time 75%

Stock 31%

Delivery reliability 87%

Productivity 15%

Quality 15%